Drinking straws made of cereal stalks: simple, natural, and ecological.
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About Us

Who we are

“Pai din Pai” is a family business with an 80-hectare wheat and barley farm located about 200km from Bucharest in the sunny hills of Dobrogea. Out of love for nature and a desire for efficiency, we started the “Pai from Pai” initiative.

Wheat and barley are harvested in the general way with the agricultural combine, which separates the grains and grinds the stalk into bales. “Pai from Pai” harvests the wheat and barley ears separately and then the whole stalks without grinding. These stalks are then tied into sheaves, picked from the field with arms, stored, hand-cut to the size needed for your drinking straw and selected, cleaned of knots and any debris, washed, sterilized, then packaged with a new stage of selection of the final product to provide superior quality to our customers. Packaging is done in self-forming cardboard boxes that are recyclable and do not involve the use of plastic or glue.

The whole process involves a lot of time-consuming manual work, but Pai din Pai takes one small step for one man and one giant leap for mankind in the initiative to eliminate plastic from our environment and our food supply.

“Pai din Pai” is operating in an underdeveloped area, the village of Dobromir in Constanta County, in support of the inhabitants of this area in the hope of stopping the migration of the population and the emergence of abandoned villages.

Pai din Pai Presentation

Our Products

100% natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable drinking straws made from wheat and barley stalks.

Fabricat in Romania


CUI 48351944, J40/11279/2023 

Adresa: Strada Băneasa Nr. 27, Sat Dobromir, Comuna Dobromir, Jud, Constanța

Telefon: +40-759.702.207

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